Staying Hydrated, Staying Cool: Summer Time Survival Tips

Staying Cool, Stay Hydrated Summer Time Survival Tips - LitFeeds

Beat The Heat During Summer

To stay hydrated is always important during the summer season; because the water works as body energy,  it keeps you stay hydrated & stay cool, controls body temperature & and helps in the proper functioning of your organs, to stay healthy and hydrated make sure to drink enough water each day and consume foods that are high in water content in summers specially.

Here are some effective tips to beat the intense heat: 

Maintaining Hydration: The most important thing is to remain hydrated at all times. To do this, try drinking a glass of water frequently or consuming at least one electoral sachet every three to four hours.

Suggestable to always be high in fluid intake like electrolytes and also good to carry a water bottle with you and some cold beverages, such as lemon water or cumin-spiked water.

Wear Cool: Prefer Wearing cool clothing that genuinely fits you during the summer is another crucial step in escaping this oppressive heat.

Light-colored, breathable materials like cotton and linen are ideal for reflecting sunlight. Instead, wear loose clothing that lets some air circulate you to be cooler, a lightweight scarf, and protective sunglasses.

Cooling Dining: Because of the intense heat, people often can’t eat the same foods they do in the winter and monsoon.

One must focus on splitting meals and eating light, hydrated food including some seasonal produce like mangoes 

Since watermelons are 98% water, they make a quick pack of juices. To battle the heat, watermelons should always be preferred & cucumber salads; meals that are based on your gut work wonders.

Seek Some Shade: To avoid the direct heat of the sun, we like to wear caps while we are outside during the warmest parts of the day.

You may also shield yourself from the sun by always looking for trees, awnings, or umbrellas. Making a schedule is highly recommended to combat the heat.

Planning ahead is highly recommended as a way to combat the heat, such as delaying activities that take place in the morning and afternoon. It is essential to take breaks and sit in the shade of trees.

Create Cool Spaces: To transform your home and make your place into a cool paradise, utilize fans and air conditioners.

Keep all of your curtains open for fresh air during the hottest parts of the day or peak summer hours to keep your rooms relatively cooler. Choose light weighted and light-coloured bedding to minimize heat absorption

Stay Indoors: Try to limit your time outside during the summer months when temperatures are at their highest, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Instead, spend as much time indoors reading, playing indoor sports, and taking care of household chores.

If you spend more time indoors and restrict your outdoor activities that will be the greatest option to beat the heat.

Coolest Activities: Enjoying some recreational leisure activities to beat the heat during summer, like going swimming, visiting malls, indoor grounds, air-conditioned malls, movie theatres with AC, and some indoor sports centers with all the facilities to engage in energetic pursuits without running the risk of overhearing. 

Always remain Updated (weather apps): Your mobile weather application is a must during any season as your app will keep you updated about the local temperatures and your destination forecasts.

During the excessive and scorching heat period, you must pay attention to the local news and weather reports hour by hour and take the necessary precautions like drinking enough water, carrying an umbrella, and avoiding outdoor schedules.

Several Cold Showers: Taking a shower can make us feel colder, thus it’s best to take more than two to relieve the heat.

Having a couple of showers makes your day relaxed and it may help you to feel soothing calm &  composed while you’re out and about.

You may like the summer season in India because of the holidays but to combat the summer in India is something else, these above helpful suggestions to enjoy the summer at its fullest by staying cool and hydrated.

When it comes to diets, summertime offers something unique. Nutritionists advise eating light, healthy foods at the right times of day to beat the heat.

As the temperature rises and humidity levels drop, appetites decrease, and risks of acidity, loss of resistance, and electrolyte loss increase. Food & fluid Intake are important during the summer season here we look at some best Foods That Beat the heat.

Here are some water-rich foods that keep you super hydrated;  here are some best ones that help your body to stay cool always.

Foods to Keep You Super Hydrated: 

All the foods that you eat will give you about 20% of the water that need roughly in a day.

Here we have listed out some best water-rich foods that are high in water content which will help to stay hydrated and stay cool always 

Watermelon with 92 % of water which is healthy and one of the most hydrated foods.

-Oranges with 88% rice in water content are tasty and healthy and also come along with proper fiber and nutrients 

-Strawberries with 91% water content, eating them will also contribute to the water intake. great choice when you’re sweaty and hot.

-Cucumbers with the Highest Water Content of about 95% cucumbers are made up of whole water and come with potassium magnesium and vitamin K. Having a cucumber slice in summer keeps one as cool as a cucumber.

Apart from all try drinking coconut water at least 2 in a day; it is high in minerals and brings back the lost electrolytes quickly as it contains the highest level of magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

We recommend drinking coconut water rather than fruit juice, contains added sugars, coconut is also called as king of summers.

To Sum Up :

Summertime activities and the sun can be very taxing, especially when it comes to water. Your body is composed of at least 60% water, which is essential to maintaining proper bodily functions.

Human bodies are made up of about  60 % – 70 %  of water  However, intense heat and perspiration can rapidly dehydrate you.

It’s helpful to know that staying hydrated & Staying cool doesn’t need consuming large amounts of water every time. Water can be taken through in the form of food.


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