Impact Of Social Media On Human Psychology, Relationships & Affects On Society In The Modern Era!

Let’s face it, there is no looking back when it comes to the advancement of social media and technology in the 21st century. Modernization and impact have left a drastic change in our everyday lives, leaving us no options but to rely on it on a day-to-day basis. Our lives have become so much easier after the evolvement of technology that we can look no further. But is that it? Do we only enjoy the positive side of it? Well, I’m afraid not! When it comes to social media and its impact on human psychology, relationships, and more, we understand the positive and negative sides too. And that’s exactly what we are about to speak about today.

How Social Media Affects Our Mental Health, Relationships & Society?

There is always a flip side to the coin and that’s where we need to draw a line. So, before we do, let us take a look at the pros and cons of social media in each section of our society and how we can go about the process. Check them out!

1. Social Media Affecting Relationships – The Good & Stressful Side

May it be thousands of miles away, reaching out to your loved ones has always been a matter of concern. Earlier on, letters would reach us months later, but later as technology started evolving, you are able to see your loved person in a jiffy. Just a video call and you are literally living the day with him/her.

But then again, there is a major concern that has popped up too. TRUST! Just because you are just a call away from your loved ones, you call them or ask them for proof of the place they are in. There can be chances or situations where the opposite person doesn’t want to disclose the place to you for the moment, but that is exactly where a rift can begin.

So, this can be very well controlled by limiting the use of social media. Talking to someone, seeing your loved person, and expressing your need to meet them is absolutely understandable, but space is also important.

Once you start maintaining this, you are surely going to see your relationships without any kind of stress or misunderstandings.

2. The Idea Of Your Peers Succeeding & You Staying Behind

Many times, we connect to our old friends and colleagues on social media. And that’s a blissful thing! Catching up with people who you weren’t in contact for years can be overwhelming. But there is a negative side to it too. The moment you see your friend or your relatives or your contemporaries pacing up in life and doing well, you start comparing yourself to them.

It crawls up your brain so much that you even start getting depressed about it. Things that others do might not be ideal for you or something you are capable of and vice versa. But do we actually think in that manner? NO!

Each one of us is special and we need to appreciate it in our lives. But when we see others progressing into the world, we let that affect our brains, and that further clogs it up. So, this can be stressful and you need to mindfully watch that side.

3. Children Get Affected In The Good & Bad Way!

When peers and social media enthusiasts put up the progress of their children, you look at it from a point of learning. But does it stop right there? I’m afraid not! Most of the time, we learn new techniques for teaching children, feeding them and so much more.

But when the results are not desirable, we become disheartened and that leaves a bad impact on our lives. So, when you are using or watching social media, learn from it but always customize it according to what your child might like.

Not always will the ideas work for you or for your kid. Forcefully imposing things on your child will leave an adverse effect on their mental health that they might hold along with them all their lives.

4. Communication Increases & Decreases At The Time!

There is no doubt that nowadays communicating across the globe has become super easy. But can you deny the fact that the time we spend on social media is much more than what we talk to people around us? Well, unfortunately, that is true!

Communicating while you’re working is absolutely fine and needful in order to make sure your business relations are on point. But do you spend enough time with your loved ones? Keep your phone as much as possible when communicating with someone in person.

Phubbing’ – a new term that has emerged recently that is creating havoc between partners. It is a time when you are spending more time on your phone than talking to someone in front. The term ‘phubbed’ is used for the opposite person who looks at you while you’re spending time on your phone or other media devices.

5. Social Media Helps Spread The Word Of Rare Diseases But Can Cause Some Too!

Another thing that we must highlight today is physical impairments. Even though you are spending quite a handsome amount of time looking at rare cure procedures and spreading the word, that can cause some other problems too.

A few ailments that excessive use of social media and other platforms are creating are hearing and sight problems. Most people are not able to see properly with the excessive use of screen time. Moreover, using your headphones for hours can create other problems too. So, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that you are limiting the use and making correct use of it.

Conclusive Insights

So, this brings us to the end of our blog today where unbiased talk about the pros and cons of using social media in our day-to-day lives. Consequently, we can conclude that we should limit the use of it and make sure we are not letting it take full control over our lives. Use social media and other technology to your benefit but do not take away the spark of living a simple life with your close ones. Our life is special only when you have love in it. And that can be brought by gestures you do physically! Finally, don’t forget to let me know in the comment section below what you thought of our blog!


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