Understanding Canker Sores: How to get rid of it?

Canker sores: You know how painful the canker sore is only when you have already experienced a canker sore. Let’s dive into the topic

Understanding Canker Sores How to get rid of it - LitFeeds

What are Canker Sores?

Canker Sore It is a type of mouth ulcer that is also called an Aphthous Ulcer that causes local pain and other symptoms, canker sore, in most cases it will naturally within 5-7 days but the days with a canker increase the mouth senses terrible pain.

Although they are rarely a cause of concern canker sores in the mouth are very uncomfortable. Although they can be very uncomfortable, they are rarely a cause for concern.

In this article, we discuss if something is done to relieve canker sore. They can occur at any stage as it’s the most common complaint of the mouth. More likely it occurs in younger adults and women. 

Sometimes this ulcer might form in the mouth due to the teeth that accidentally crack the lips.

Canker sores are found inside the mouth and lead to pain & discomfort; they appear out of nowhere and they usually disappear in a week or two on their own, Canker Sores (Aphthous ulcers) are not contagious but painful and aren’t related to herpes simplex virus which also called as cold sores.

Here canker sores of two types 

1: Simple Canker Sores

2: Complex Canker Sores

Simple cancer appears in people aged 10-20 where it lasts at least a week; it comes and goes around  3 times a year 

Complex Canker Sores lasts at least a month apart from being painful this leaves a scar in the mouth, it purely depends on the immune system, underlying conditions, and vitamin deficiency.

Causes of Canker Sores:

Neither Serious Nor Critical, study research there’s no scientific reliable source found of why this causes and why this develops. The only factor we know this is caused mainly because of viral infections. Another factor that is linked with this aphthous ulcer is family history.

The following factors can be involved  in developing canker sores:

  • Stress
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Physical Trauma 
  • Family Genetical History 
  • Vitamin Deficiency 
  • Food Hypersensitivity caused by some citrus fruits.


The development of sores itself seems irritating because of the pain that gives one, canker sores in your mouth, they can be inside your cheek, under your tongue, and back of your throat. They usually look with red edge and gray center.

  • Appears Normally in the front part of the mouth, on its floor, inside of the lip (labial mouth), inside of the cheeks (buccal), or under the front or sides of the tongue.
  • Sometimes affecting the gums and, relatively uncommonly, the surface of the back part of the mouth.
  • Typically persists for 1-2 weeks before healing. In some, more severe cases, symptoms can include: feeling sluggish, swollen lymph nodes, and fever.

Canker sores vs Cold sores

What’s the difference?

Canker sores are Apthus ulcers that are grey or white sources surrounded by red blood-colored layered edges that occur only inside the mouth. The Canker Effect percentage is low and they usually go on their own after a week. canker sores are contagious if not treated.

If you are getting sore on your lips then confirm yourself that this is not a canker but a cold sore. This kind of sore appears around the lips and looks in gloomy conditions before disappearing within a week or two. Cold sores are not as contagious as cankers.


In most cases, sores go away by themselves some ointments, creams, or rinses may help with the pain. 

One with canker sores should avoid hot spicy foods that might be helpful to get rid of this.

The only sign of relief with these sores is the way they cause pain and discomfort inside the mouth, which can be reduced easily with some ointments and creams.

Some home remedies will help in reducing the sore pain, gargling salt water, and applying honey on the ulcer part, and some prescribed and non-prescribed medications also help to treat this condition.

Home remedies for canker sores:

  • Mouthrinse with salt water 
  • Mix hydrogen peroxide and water ( half-half mix )
  • Honey on the sore area 
  • Ice cubes sometimes on the sore gently it will reduce pain & discomfort 
  • Amount of milk on the sore 

The above remedies can be followed a couple of times a day at least to get rid of this pain.


In the first place, there is no quite clear answer for this; at the same time, there are some things to prevent canker sores in the first place. Also, there are some ways to make them feel less hurt and heal quicker and faster.

Studies have shown that when people tend to stress more they will get canker sores because of the hormones that release during stress time.

Some people are unlucky to have canker sores that is called RAS recurrent aphthous stomatitis that keep reappearing because of higher stress levels.

Dentists recommend checking the toothpaste they are using check for sodium lauryl sulfate in it because the paste with this SLS might act as an irritant to the mouth and that can lead to ulcers.

Conclude : 

To sum up; Canker sores also known as Aphthous small shallow painful ulcers that occur inside the mouth typically inside the lips, tongue, and cheeks, the good thing about these sores is they usually disappear in a week or two on their own.

The only frustrating thing is the pain that is caused during the reside in our mouths. It can because of infections; it can be because of hormonal changes; it can be because of nutritional deficiency, spicy food, and citrus fruits.

So it’s essential to maintain good hygiene always, and check for the toothpaste you are using; while there is no cure for canker ulcers, the flipside home remedies will help to get rid of these Aphthous ulcers.  They will go on their way but if that doesn’t go away after even two weeks it is advisable to consult a local health provider for further management of the treatment.


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