Rise of Ulcer Among Young People: Diagnosis & Treatment

Rise of Ulcer Among Young People: Diagnosis & Treatment - LitFeeds

What is a stomach ulcer?

What is Ulcer: Ulcers found in the stomach also called gastric ulcers, are the painful sores found in the stomach lining, gastric ulcers are the type of peptic ulcers that affect  both the small intestine and the stomach,

Ulcers are the painful sores present in the stomach lining, ulcers are a type of peptic ulcer, here the protective lining of the digestive tract in humans, the digestive tract is made up of the mouth, stomach, duodenum, and the intestine. 

During this painful process, there will be an overlap of the small and large intestines. they are painful sores but they are only dangerous when they are not treated.

Ulcers can easily be treated only time it cause severe problems when they are left untreated or ignored.  peptic ulcers are associated with pepsin, the substance found in the digestive system. Ulcers are always cured pretty easily but if it is ignored then they will become severe.

Here the peptic ulcers are named only depending on their specific location in the body. It is mainly found in the abdomen area and is called a gastric ulcer, if the same ulcer is found in the duodenum it’s called a duodenal ulcer

Causes of ulcer :

The main reason for the cause of ulcers is because of frequent use of painkillers, high usage of antibiotics, and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, excessive alcohol & chain smoking can also lead to these types of gastric ulcers.

Stress and eating junk & spicy foods are also major reasons that make ulcer symptoms even worse.

Several symptoms associated with ulcer disease mainly depend on the severity of ulcers only. 

During the midnights, there will be a burning sensation between the chest and belly button, immediate pain with urine, comes, and hard pain middle of the abdomen, even if it feels severe with an empty stomach. Gastric issues, Discomfort after meals and Heart Burn like anything

Diagnosis : 

Here is one thing we must know, ulcer treatment always depends on the severity and intensity of the ulcer inside the stomach.

The doctor will review it and depending on the symptoms they ask the patient how the pain feels, how frequent is, and how long it lasts and will check about the medication intake, as ulcers are mainly caused by helicobacter pylori bacteria.

If the symptoms are severe like blood in stools for a long time first of all the endoscopy is done, then they go for a colonoscopy to check (here a camera is sent into the stomach and small intestines to visualize the area for the ulcer spots. Might be upper intestinal or Upper GI …

Ulcers can be treated by both surgical &  nonsurgical methods also here in this procedure a thick white liquid coats your upper gastrointestinal tract and makes it possible for the doctor to view the areas on X-rays.

This is called barium swallow treatment in medical terms, it is non-surgical and surgical but mainly depends on the severity of the ulcer inside the stomach. Most of the time doctors only prescribe to cure this ulcer with high antibiotics which helps to get rid of bacteria and infections.

The surge of ulcers in young adults : 

Since there is no reliable evidence linking the rise in ulcers to heavy caffeine intake, spicy food intake, aspirin use, or increased adult antibiotic use, young adults are more susceptible than older adults to ulcers due to the lifestyle choices they make today.

It is never too late to start living a healthy lifestyle, seek medical advice, consult a nutritionist, or identify appropriate treatment options to help prevent ulcers of this type. 

To ensure that these patients obtain the best care, they need to receive education about gastric ulcers at all levels. First of all, they need to avoid the causes of ulcers and use prescribed medications that prevent ulcers even after the ulcer is healed. Must take assistance from local health care team and medical and pharmacists.

Consult your physician: 

If you doubt that you have a stomach ulcer call your doctor immediately, if you notice severe symptoms, first notice first cure is the line to cure, check with your doctor for the symptoms and treatment options, if the pain doesn’t go away after a couple of days, if you got a bleed from stool, if you are unable to sustain the abdomen pain, if your stool is watery or blockage in the digestive tract.

What are foods to eat and when to avoid when you have an ulcer?

What to Eat:

Fruits, vegetables, lean meat, egg whites, green tea, and seafood.

What to avoid:

Milk, Alcohol, caffeine, tea. Citrus fruits, heavily spicy foods, fatty meats. (outside spiced  foods should be avoided)

Diet for ulcers:

Once you are diagnosed with an ulcer, once the ulcer is found in the stomach there need to be some serious lifestyle changes to be enabled into your daily and daily lifestyle. 

Eating light food avoiding spicy food, and food intake at the right intervals, physicians often recommend some healthy lifestyle and dietary changes for ulcer patients, in the past, there were no restrictions on your diet but now one must follow ulcer dier like spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine should be avoided, replace your routine food with a high fiber-rich diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits.

Research shows that high-fiber content food decreases the risk of developing ulcers, as foods with high fiber include, pats, legumes, flax seeds, barley nuts, fruits (without citrus) cucumbers, and carrots.

Recommendations for young adults & ulcer diagnosis: 

To sum up, an epidemiological survey shows that from 1971 to 1977, the incidences of gastric ulcers increased from 1,157 to 2.14p. 1000. There was a sharper increase but now in 2020 as well there was a surge in gastric ulcers in young adults especially due to the lifestyle they lead now,

The diet they choose, the timings of the food intake, and recommendations from physicians, if you ever suffer an ulcer disease you should aim at high fiber foods, rich in vegetables and fruits without citrus should be consumed to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Make sure young adults obtain the best suggestions and the best care and must be aware of ulcers at all levels, even if it’s healed they need to be cautious about the diet they prefer.

Make sure young adults receive the best advice and treatment possible. They also need to be aware of ulcers at all stages and should exercise caution when choosing a diet, even after an ulcer has healed.


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