Top 7 AI Software Development Tools for Precise Coding

Want to excel in your software development career? Use these 7 AI software development tools.

Top 7 AI Software Development Tools for Precise Coding - LitFeeds
Top 7 AI Software Development Tools for Precise Coding – LitFeeds

As 2024 is here, we can see the dominance of Al in every industry. This Al wave has helped people become more efficient and creative in their respective professions. One such domain where Al has made a significant impact is software engineering. If you are a software engineer, Al-based software development tools can assist you in developing scalable and efficient solutions. Moreover, in today’s cutting-edge competition, it is wise to leverage AI for growth and learning.

Not only this- These tools will help you improve code quality, and accuracy, and outstand others in the competitive landscape. Software development is challenging as a single bug or vulnerability in coding practice can lead to big problems, like a single hole in a boat can sink the whole boat. It is better to avoid such situations by taking the help of some AI tools.

If you are a software developer who wants to excel and earn more or aspire to become one, quickly go through the below list of 7 marvelous software development tools. 

Top 7 AI Software Engineering Tools for Elevated Development

1. Devin AI: The famous AI engineer

Best for: Develop complete software applications from scratch.

Devin AI was created by Cognition, a US-based company that develops AI. Devin AI tops the list due to its software development capabilities, which allow developers to deliver the best software development to the market. 

It is more like your colleague in the software development team. It automates the entire software development process from development idea to deployment.  Whether taking care of quality code, adapting to the trends, to developing the entire software solutions, it completely streamlines the software development process. 

Devin AI is the greatest innovation in the software development market, giving developers complete flexibility to take on multiple development tasks without affecting quality. Now, when you have the expert coding assistant, there is no need to get overburdened with the software development tasks. Let Devin handle it.


  • Develop and deploy complete software
  • Write source code
  • Determine any software errors 


  • Pricing not available

2. Tabnine

Best for: Auto-completion of code for software developers 

Tabnine is a dominating AI software development tool gaining promising popularity among developers. This AI tool makes the best use of Machine Learning algorithms to automate code generation. 
Tabnine AI tool closely takes the position of your personal coding assistant, evaluates your coding approach, and comes up with the best possible solution to add a proficient touch to software development. Also, don’t worry about security because it has enterprise grade level security which means no data breach and privacy issues. 

With Tabnine, developers can pace up the process of personalizing the code, which cuts down your time in the software development process. In short, it holds the power to come up with the most functional code suggestion and it to remain at the top of other AI-powered software development tools. 


  • IDE Integration
  • Context-Aware code completion 
  • Personalize approach to coding


  • Starter: free for 1 user
  • Pro: $12/Month  (Free trial for 90 days/ then billed at $12/month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: $39/per user/ month with 1 year commitment

3. Github Copilot

Best For: Code complete and prediction 

Github Copilot is powered by Generative AI models and was added to the market by Github, OpenAI, and Microsoft. This impressive AI tool, which is holding a bigger space in the software development world, is trained on various data from significant resources to deliver a stage for developers to provide great results. 

Github Copilot AI-powered software developments work up to the mark for developers as it helps them automate the software code generation and complete the code snippets. Here are two ways through which it works to deliver the best automation to the developers: 

  • Initially, users start putting together the code and Github’s advanced algorithm takes care of the same by summing up the code by auto-suggesting.
  • Furthermore, you can command the tool with your software development requirements in simple language, and it will provide the solution in a few seconds.

GitHub Copilot suggests using the context from the coding history or related files to meet your coding requirements. Also, it allows you to integrate with your exclusive coding tools, such as Visual Studio Code or other IDEs.


  • Trained from public code
  • Real-time code completion


  • Individual plan: $10/month or $100/annually.
  • Enterprise: $19 for 1 user/ month

4. Mintlify

Best for: Automating document generation from code

Mintlify is among the top AI software development tools that is smart and generates quality code, making it easier for developers to develop software. With its AI-based algorithm, developers can cut down significant time and focus on settling down the other technical requirements of development. Moreover, developers can quickly analyze the existing code and auto-generate documentation to shed detailed light on it.

In addition to creating documentation to ensure developers move on the right track, Mintlify uses innovative language models utilizing natural language processing to deliver highly functional suggestions to ease the development process. It features built-in analytics that allows the developers to keep track of previous patterns and develop improvements that make development count. 


  • Determine broken links in software 
  • AI code recommendations
  • Built-in web editor


Plans start at $120/month/per project 

Also, check more ai tools specially for programmers to pace productivity.

5. Snyk (Powered by Deepcode AI)

Best for: Detecting bugs and analyzing code security gaps 

Snyk by Deepcode AI is gaining impressive attention in the software development market. After all, it gives developers an easy hand in crafting clean code and raising the coding standard to deliver the best outcome.

Snyk employs a machine learning algorithm to determine possible gaps and vulnerabilities in the software code and provides the developer with a helpful guide to address them. It even acts as a stage that allows development and testing teams to communicate, share the code, and get feedback on the development progress. 


  • Trained millions of code
  • Closely determine suggestion 
  • Eliminate any vulnerabilities in coding


  • Free
  • Team: $25/month/product
  • Enterprise: Contact sales team

6. AskCodi- AI software development tool

Best for: Creating quality software code 

AskCodi is an amazing AI code generator helpful for the developers in the software development industry. How? Well, the best part of AskCodi is that it generates easy-to-understandable code documentation. Above all, it produces unit tests to ensure your code works as expected. Codi agents are designed to help software engineers find and fix bugs in their existing codes and the accuracy of this software is world-class. 

software development tools 2024

This AI software development tool employs the advancement of OpenAI to create software code, address any software engineering concerns, and suggest code to develop the best software. 

Boosting code efficiency is no longer a challenge with AskCodi. However, it opens integration with various preferred integrated development environments (IDE), including Visual Studio Code, PyCharm, and so on which shapes your software development with efficient code. 


  • Generates documentation 
  • Gives accurate code suggestions


  • Basic plan: Free
  • Premium plan: $9.99/month
  • Ultimate plan: $29.99/month

7. Amazon CodeWhisperer

Best for: Software code suggestion to ease development 

Amazon CodeWhisperer completes the list of AI software development tools and offers developers a helping hand to get suggestions on software development code. As its tagline says “your productivity tool for IDE and command line”, it is ideal for automating coding tasks and enhancing productivity. 

Software development tools

Hey programmers, you can also get expert generative AI assistant “Amazon Q” when using Code Whisperer. This smart assistant helps programmers with code understanding, explanation, transformation, unit testing, debugging and code optimization. 

This AI software development tool is well-tested and trained using the data on the publicly available software code. Hence, it is packed with the potential to automate software development tasks. 


  • Scans software code 
  • Generate code across languages
  • Security recommendations 
  • Real-time code recommendations


  • Not available


AI software engineering tools are taking software development to new heights, giving developers free hands to pace the software development process. Go and try all these 7 AI software engineering tools sand use the ones that suit your requirements.    

Happy coding!


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