China’s Vidu AI text to video model: A threat to Open AI’s Sora

What is China’s Vidu AI?

In today’s world, AI has surpassed all expectations and pushed the boundaries of what we could have scarcely imagined. Earlier, a few months back, it was Open AI’s Sora- a sensational text-to-video converter AI model. Now, hot on its heels, China launched its advanced generative model, Vidu AI which is a competitor to Sora. Vidu AI made its debut on 27th April 2024. It can create a video of 1080p resolution from a simple prompt. 

Zhipu AI developed this AI model by combining two large AI models (transformer and diffusion). It was launched at Zhongguancun Forum in Beijing. This launch shows the capability and quest of China to make its generative AI model without being dependent on others. This generative AI model is a successful collaboration between ShengShu Technology and Tsinghua University.

Vidu AI V/s Sora: Technological advancements

China’s Vidu AI can comprehend complex instructions because of its sophisticated architecture. As mentioned above, it uses U-ViT architecture which facilitates dynamic camera movements, facial expressions, and resemblance to the physical world. Vidu AI is claimed to be a competitor because of its smoothness and quality of videos. Moreover, with this development, China is significantly putting its contribution in ever-evolving AI landscape.

Features of Vidu AI (competitor to SOra)

Developing creative and engaging vidеos involves more than just prеssing rеcord button. Vidu’s multi camеra magic seamlessly transitions bеtwееn closе ups and long shots and mеdium shots within a singlе clip and mirroring thе tеchniquеs of sеasonеd vidеographеrs. Vidu AI creates videos from various perspective and the infusion of variеd pеrspеctivеs adds a dynamic and polishеd quality to your vidеos. This makes the videos more professional.

Morеovеr and Vidu goеs bеyond mеrе rеplication of rеality. With its rich visual gеnеration capabilities, it goes beyond limitations, allowing you to influence fantastical worlds and scеnarios. Whеthеr you’rе aiming for a sci-fi landscapе, Vidu AI еmpowеrs you to bring depth and complеxity to your crеativе vision and turning imagination into stunning visual reality.

How is Open AI Sora a competition to Vidu AI?

Firstly, Open AI’s Sora can generate complex videos from text prompts up to 1 minute. Whereas, Vidu Ai text-to-video model is at its primal stage. However, it can be trained to generate complex videos similar to Sora as both models use diffusion architecture. Until now, Sora AI is dominating AI world of text-to-video generation, but the Vidu AI has the potential of thrashing the competition. The launch of Vidu AI significantly shows the growth of the country in AI and Technology domain. With each passing day, we will see new improvements and cutting-edge competition, rivalry among AI models.

This is just the beginning, there is a lot more to explore in the artificial intelligence domain. Stay connected.

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